Dog Hiking


with your dog

in the south of Majorca

What to do with your pet in holiday-time?

Taking it with you is often unthinkable. Our Team in the South of Majorca had an idea, how to solve it: you can spend your holidays with your pet together in our holiday home near the beach and walk or hike with him to the top of your bent and sow his wild oats in the free nature. And last, but not least both don’t suffer of the ‚every year parting‘. 

Together with your pet roaming through the virgin beaches long distance walks with your four-legged-friend is an adventure and utmost popular, above all by your dog.

For apart a range of varied routs in the nature reserve, there is a lot to snffle around and make new experiences. A five to ten miles distance tor is for a well trained dog not at all an obstacle; they normally cope with the sandy area better than their holder. 

In the time from October to May the long distance beaches are visited by residents and present a pretty scenery for walking directly on the shore.





The  tours:

Here are following some exemples for walks with a local guide:

2-3 hours: nature reserve Sa Marina





3-4 hours: the lighthouse of Cala Pi





4-5 hours: Cala Figera to nature reserve Modrago





5-6 hours: around the lighthouse  Cap de Salines


We have chosen the routs and adapt them accordingly to the condition of the dog and his holder.



Nevertheless it’s necessary to consider the rules:

Dogs which are not accustomed to walk for a long distance should be trained little by little to the increased demand through day-tours. 



The dog should bring not only a well trained and healthy condition with him,but also display a minimum of obedience and social conduct.

We expect the dogs to be well socialized and not aggressive against other dogs or people. 


Of course is every dog owner responsible for his own dog and anyway we refuse explicit any liability for possible damage.


Your holiday home:

you stay in a majorquin rustic land house, a traditional stone house near the beach ( 2 min by car) behind the natre reserve of the beach  ‚ Es Trenc‘

    in the sun-spoiled south of the island in the district of Campos and Sa Rapita.  Lying in the mid of fields and almond trees the completely renewed finca has a special comfortable effect upon the gest, affects the senses.

    The house is full equipped for 14 people,  possess his own swimmingpool with sunbeds and a nice garden.
    The plot is approx. 7000 square meters with nice views over the country and absolutely privacy.

    The location:

    The finca ‚Enrique‘ lies in the south of Majorca, between the places of Sa Rapita and Campos. Sa Rapita is approx. 1 km away, Campos, 9 km. You will find there all shopping facilities. The finca is situated in an absolutely quiet location. From the roofed terrace you will enjoy the view over fields and to the nearby reserve of Es Trenc.

    The airport Son Joan is approx. 30 minutes away. Rental car is necessary.

    More details about the land-house:



Price and  programme on inquiry